Friday, December 31, 2010

Chocolate Trifle

Ever since I started this blog planning for friday meals has become a lot more important and I must say a lot more fun. The one factor that has helped me plan the dishes has been that this year a lot of festivals and celebrations have fallen on a friday - navratre, diwali, christmas eve, new year eve to name a few.

Its New Year Eve and we are as usual having a potluck party with a few of our friends. I usually get the dessert department for new year eve parties since its Pankaj's (my husband) birthday on the first of January. He is turning 45 this year so with the usual birthday cake I decided to make the decadent Chocolate Trifle Pudding. Trifle is a traditional English Dessert and can be made using any flavours blended together. It is a layered composition of cake, fruit, whipped cream, nuts and custard where fruit and sponge cake form the bottomost layer and custard and cream the top ones.

The one I made is a raspberry -- chocolate blend. Instead of a big bowl I will be serving individual cups and so the small wine cups came in handy. If you are serving this as a big dish the layers can be repeated depending on the depth of the container. See pictures below.

There are layers of several ingredients in the following order:
Chocolate cake
Raspberries in light syrup
Whipped cream
Chocolate Pudding
Whipped Cream
Marchino Cherry
Bittersweet Chocolate shavings

Now I am off to get dressed for the party. Hope you all have a wonderful time tonight with your family and friends and welcome the new year with a smiling and singing heart. Hope everyone enjoys this chocolatee delight full of varied and decadent flavours.

Here's wishing that your New Year is filled with all the rich flavours of life.

Happy New Year everyone.

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