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I thought it will be easier for everyone to locate specific recipes if I categorize them in logical headers. Each recipe is a clickable link and takes you to the desired post. 

Mango panna

Italian wedding soup
Tom yum goong
Spinach mushroom soup
Chicken noodle soup
Tomato soup
Root veggie soup with chicken

Black bean avocado salad
Hawaiin salad
Quinoa salad
Red quinoa salad
5 Quinoa recipes
Creamy coleslaw
Pineapple Slaw
Red cabbage slaw
Southwestern Slaw
Jamaican coleslaw
Caprese Salad
Greek-inspired chickpea salad
Watermelon salad
Moroccan quinoa salad
Thai green mango salad
Edamame salad
Tofu Edamame salad
Mango salsa 
Pineapple salad
Moong sprout salad
Coconut and peanut salad
Pineapple salsa
Avocado salad
Lemon couscous with mint
Chickpea and grape salad
Hot and sour vegetable salad
Orange Salsa
Very Berry walnut salad
Israeli couscous salad
Greek Salad
Tabbouleh Salad
Waldorf salad
5 coleslaw variations
Corn and black bean salsa
Sprouted Methi (Fenugreek)
Chicken avocado salad

Eggs in Avocado
Savory cheese muffins
Quinoa walnut quickbread
Sweet crepes
Savory crepes
Blueberry pancakes
Chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes
Indian Paratha
Avocado Toast

Most of the salads mentioned in the above column can also work as mini meals and as a healthy lunch or brunch options. Some other ideas are: 
Rava Uttapam 
Masala Idli
Masala Dosa
Pav Bhaji
Veggie fritters
Vermicelli Upma
Khasta Kachori
Masala Vada
Keema baida roti
Keema Pav
Vada Pav
Chow chow bhaat

Black bean burritos
Teriyaki chicken wrap
Veggie wrap
Waldorf chicken salad wrap
Feta olive Pizza
Mushroom Pizza
Spinach and artichoke grilled sandwich
Smoked salmon and ricotta bruschetta   
Meatball Sub
Moroccan chicken Burger
Thai Chicken burger
Indian style chicken burger
Vada Pav
Mexican burger
Bacon maple burger

Dum pukht Biryani
Kashmiri Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Vegetable Biryani
Mutton Biryani
Microwave vegetable rice
Masala rice with bell peppers
Ginger rice
Coconut tamarind rice
Meethe Chawal (sweet saffron rice)
Spinach chana dal pulao
Kathal (Jackfruit) Biryani
Haryala pulao
Vangi bhaat
Lemon rice
Achari Chana Pulao
Keema Biryani
Gattey ka pulao
8 Khichdi recipes
Saffron rice
Nasi Goreng
Mushroom risotto
Wild rice infused with veggies
Wild rice salad with pecans and cranberries
Wild rice salad

Naan, Roti
Plain Naan
Palak(spinach) poori
Beetroot poori
Methi Thepla
Southern cornbread
Paneer Kulcha
Nutritious Roti
Keema baida roti

Butter chicken
Mint chicken
Shahjahani chicken
Kori gassi
Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken Korma
Kasuri Methi chicken
Thai chicken jungle curry(Kang pa kai)
Thai green chicken curry
Thai massaman chicken curry
Methi chicken
Chicken Roganjosh
Egg curry

Mustard fish curry
Malvani Fish curry
Butter chicken
Coconut shrimp curry
Doi maach(Bengal fish curry)
Thai spicy shrimp curry
Thai Shrimp curry in coconut milk
Tilapia in coconut sauce

Lamb korma
Lamb kofta curry
Rogan josh (lamb curry)
Lamb curry in nihari masala (nalli nihari)
Green green mutton
Dry Mutton fry

Dapka kadhi
Sindhi kadhi
Dhokar Dalna
Mirchi ka salan
Dal Makhani
Tofu Vindaloo
Veggie Vindaloo
Besan ke gattey(gram flour dumplings)
Malai kofta (paneer kofta curry)
Punjabi kadhi
Vegan Kadhi
Kadhai paneer
Kaale chane
Pindi choley (curried chickpeas)
Dum aloo
Handi matar (dry yellow peas)
Tuvar Dal (Gujarati sweet and sour arhar dal)
Palak methi tuvar dal
Rajma Chawal
Long squash and split peas
Matar paneer
Palak paneer
Chaulia Paneer
Shahi Paneer

Chicken Piccata
Salsa Meatloaf
Cajun chicken
Chicken pot pie
Roasted chicken breast
Chicken cordon bleu
Garlic herb chicken
Chicken pie with scalloped potatoes
Grilled lemon pepper chicken
Malai chicken tikka (skewered chicken kababs)
Tandoori chicken (BBQ chicken)
Five spice chicken
Harissa Chicken Skewers
Coconut chicken strips
Chicken burrito bowl
General Tso's chicken
Yorkshire pudding
Chicken Fajitas
Jerk Chicken
Chicken Souvlaki
Haryali chicken kebabs
Peshawari Chapli kebab
Tandoori chicken tikka
Spicy chicken bites
Teriyaki chicken skewers
Chicken Parmesan
Peri peri chicken
Tequila lime chicken tacos
Jerk chicken skewers

Grilled shrimp skewers
Grilled salmon
Cedar wrapped salmon
Fish in ginger garlic sauce
Fish n chips
Grilled mustard salmon
Grilled garlic shrimp
Oven fried tilapia
Cedar Plank Salmon
Fish Amritsari
Coconut shrimp
Baja Style Fish Tacos
Fish Fry
Nasi Goreng
Grilled Tilapia
Patra ni maach
Pan seared salmon and shrimp
Lemon basil salmon
Fish pie
Lemon baked cod
Baked halibut
Stuffed baked whole rainbow trout
Roasted salmon
Sweet and tangy red snapper
Salmon kebabs
Shrimp kebabs
Tilapia in coconut sauce
Teriyaki Salmon
Jerk Fish
Sole Meunière
Battered shrimp tacos
Shrimp tostadas
Fish tacos with mango avocado salsa
Cedar planked Tilapia
Tandoori fish tacos

Vegetarian Sides
Cucumber tomato raita
Fruit and nut raita
Beans broccoli stir-fry
Til wali gobhi (cauliflower in sesame paste)
Til wale aloo(Sesame Potatoes)
Hot banana peppers
Stuffed Indian peppers (3 ways)
Stuffed baby eggplants (Bharvan baigan)
Stuffed green chilies (Kashmiri style)
Thai green eggplant stir fry
Tava fry stuffed vegetables
Tandoori Gobhi (BBQ cauliflower)
Bharela Marcha (Stuffed Chili Gujarati style)
Tindoora nu Shaak (Ivy gourd stir fry)
Sarson ka saag (with Makki ki roti)
Five leafy greens
Mulo Saag Bhaja
Achari Karela
Green beans and Bengal gram stir fry
Cabbage and Bengal gram stir fry
Skinned black gram green onion stir-fry
Methi with mung dumplings (methi mangori)
Year of the pulse
Methi Chaman (Fenugreek cottage cheese stir-fry)
Aloo Posto (Potatoes in poppy seeds)

Eggplant Parmesan
Garlic mashed potatoes
Green beans
Green beans and artichoke casserole
Ricotta baked tomatoes
Roast potatoes
Warm herbed tomatoes on garlic croutons
Roast sweet potatoes
Stuffed Mexican peppers
Stuffed Tomato
Vegetable kababs
20 awesome BBQ sides
Roasted cauliflower
Grilled Potato Wedges
Grilled sweet potato wedges
Broccoli au gratin

Festivals and Special occasions

Holi special
Holi snack spread
Navratri special
Navratri fasting food
Diwali special
Janmashtami Special
Phalahaar fasting thali-1
Phalahaar fasting thali-2
Phalahaar fasting thali-3
Phalahaar fasting thali-4
Phalahaar fasting thali-5

Thanksgiving Feast
Thanksgiving Feast 2
Christmas dinner

Traditional Indian Thalis
Gujarati Thali
Rajasthani Thali
Kumaoni Thali
Karnataka Thali
Punjabi Non-veg Thali
Kashmiri Thali

For the sweet tooth  
Kheer (Rice pudding)
Chocolate chip cookies

Chutneys, dips, sauces
Tamarind chutney
Apple ginger cranberry chutney
Figs chutney
Mint chutney
Mango mint chutney
Coconut chutney
Chili garlic coconut chutney
Keri no chhundo (mango relish)
Red chili pickle
Tomato chutney(Bengali style)
Raw mango chutney (Bengali style)

Honey mustard vinaigrette
Honey mustard dipping sauce
Nam Jim satay (Thai peanut sauce)
Habanero hot sauce
Tzatziki Sauce
Cranberry sauce
Edamame spread
Olive tapenade
Spinach artichoke dip
Salmon Pate
Basic Tomato sauce
Salsa verde

Spice mix and spice pastes
Chana Masala
Vangi bhaat Masala
Tandoori Masala
Tava fry masala
Vindaloo Masala
Malvani Masala Paste
Panch Phoron
Chettinad Masala
Pav Bhaji masala

Harissa chilli paste
Cajun seasoning
Greek Seasoning
Peri peri spice mix


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