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Rice dishes

Rice is the most widely consumed cereal grain, and a staple food for a large percentage of the world's Human population. Many varieties of rice are available in the market but culinary preferences vary by region. Rice is a very versatile grain and is cooked in a variety of ways, each one more interesting and more delicious than the other. Following is a compilation of 18 different rice dishes from the blog till date. Enjoy these flavors and textures.

Kashmiri biryani
Developed in the royal kitchens of Nawabs and Rajas, Kashmiri biryani is a royal culinary masterpiece. Biryani is always a crowd pleaser and this version is surely made for special occasions with its rich and silky texture, bold flavours and and eye pleasing colour. Engulfed in flavorful chicken, delicate vegetables and a plethora of nuts the rice acquires a heavenly taste. A must try for all.
Find the recipe here

Chicken Biryani
The name Biryani is derived from the Persian word birian which means “fried or roasted” and has its roots in the Persian cuisine. There are many legends regarding its movement to the Indian subcontinent. Some believe it was brought to India by the Muslim merchants and travelers and made popular during the Mughal rule in cities like Lucknow, Hyderabad and Kashmir. Some believe it traveled across the Arabian Sea with the Arab travelers. Some believe it was devised as a dish to feed a large army and was cooked in a large earthen pot sealed with dough.
Find the recipe here.

Kathal (Jackfruit) biryani
Jack fruit belongs to the mulberry family and is widely grown in parts of Southeast Asia. It has a thick spiky green skin, a starchy and fibrous flesh, and is a source of dietary fiber. An interesting take on biryani for a vegetarian option. 
Find the recipe here.

Dum pukht chicken biryani
The essence of dum pukth lies in its aroma, where meat rice and vegetables are allowed to infuse in rich spices by cooking them on a very slow flame in a copper or earthen pot covered with dough. This purdah (veil) style of cooking seals the pot with the dough allowing the food to cook slowly in its own juices and infusing the flavour all over. These dishes use a generous amount of ghee and are elaborate to make.
You can use either lamb or chicken, preferably with bones. Find the recipe here

Savoury Saffron rice
Delicately flavored and elegant. It kind of evolves from the pilaf recipes of the Mughlai cuisine, and goes very well with shrimp. This rice can be served with any BBQ meats such as Cedar wrapped salmon , Malai chicken tikka , Tandoori chicken , Grilled red snapper , Stuffed chicken breast and grilled Tilapia.
Find the recipe here.

Sweet saffron rice
Delicately flavored with saffron, cloves, cardamom and almonds, lightly sweetened and infused with clarified butter. Delicious and pretty.
Find the recipe here.

Microwave Veggie rice 
Super quick, super easy and packed with veggies. While you cook the main dish throw this together and let the microwave take over. Excellent dish to involve kids in the kitchen.
Find the recipe here.

Lemon rice
Chittra anna is lemon fried rice. Also called Nimbekai Chitranna in Kannada it is the most commonly prepared rice dish in Karnataka. The rice is yellow from turmeric and flavored with lemon, fried peanuts and spices. Since it is so colorful it is often made for special occasions or festivals. Serve with raita, green beans palya or lentil stews like sambar or rasam.
Find the recipe here.

Chana pulao
A wonderful dish for Sunday lunch. This one pot meal is sure to be a hit around the table as it combines the earthiness of chickpeas with the rich vibrancy of achari (pickle) flavors. Addition of fennel and nigella seeds adds the pickle like taste while the bay leaves, cloves and cinnamon add the pulao flavors. Serve with a refreshing mixed salad raita and a crunchy papad.
Find the recipe here.

Vangi bhaat
Vangi bhaat or brinjal rice is one of the many famous rice dishes of southern India. There are two main variations of this dish - Maharashtrian and Karnatak. The main difference is in the spices. This recipe is the Karnataka variation which uses coconut and curry leaves. Typically long purple or green eggplants are used here. You can use the Chinese long eggplant (be sure to not overcook it), or use the small Indian ones as I have done (they taste great). Prepare the vangi bhaat masala (recipe in the image below) in advance and then making this dish is super quick.
Find the recipe here.

Haryala pulao
A comforting one pot dish for those days when you want quick hot meal in minutes. Loaded with the goodness of greens this is a great dish for lunch. You can add any combination of vegetables frozen of fresh, just make sure they are green ones (for this recipe). Mint adds the unique taste to the pulao. To get a green color, avoid adding any fried onions as they will color the pulao brown.
Find the recipe here.

Ginger rice
Rich in caramelized onion and ginger flavor. A great choice for serving alongside shrimp or fish curry. Find the recipe here.

Spinach chana dal pulao
A very simple lunch idea but is a complete meal on its own. Serve with plain yogurt for a refreshing and wholesome combo. Find the recipe here.

Masala capsicum rice
This recipe is one of its kind for rice. Extremely flavorful and aromatic owing to the ground dry roasted spices that impart a unique taste and texture to the rice. Colorful peppers can be cut in thin strips or chopped, either way they make the dish colorful.
Find the recipe here.

Chicken burrito bowl
This is a deconstructed burrito, largely inspired by Chipotle's burrito bowl. Rice is aromatic with a wonderful lime flavor, black beans are simmered in garlic and cumin, peppers have a charred grilled taste, corn adds the sweetness. I have listed several toppings and you can choose all or a few to make this your own. Omit chicken to make it vegetarian.
Find the recipe here.

Mushroom Risotto
This Italian rice dish cooked slowly in broth to a creamy consistency is a perfect complement to any grilled meat and chicken. Its no secret that a good risotto requires your undivided attention for about 20 minutes but its completely worth it.
Find the recipe here.

Wild rice Salad
Wild rice is gluten free and has more protein, fiber, iron and copper than brown rice. It is high in the B-vitamins niacin, riboflavin and thiamine, as well as potassium and phosphorus. It is a complete protein containing all of the essential amino-acids. This is a great dish to make as a side for BBQ, or as a lunch salad.
Find the recipe here.

Wild rice blend Salad with pecans and cranberries
Wild rice blend is a combination of good quality brown rice (bran intact crunchy and coarse textured kernels with a nutty flavor) and wild rice (long narrow dark brown-black kernels with a nutty flavor). This takes longer to cook than regular white rice but is worth the effort. Find the recipe here.

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