Friday, January 16, 2015

Sprout Salad


Sprout Salad (Moong beans)
Sprouting beans increases their nutritive value by decreasing their calorific content by 15%, increasing their protein availability by 30% and increasing their vitamin A, B, C content by an astounding amount. Sprouts are rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. Sprouts should preferably be eaten raw or briefly steamed lest they loose much of the vitamins.
The beans most suitable for sprouting are Kala Chana, Moong whole and Black eye beans. Soak them overnight. Drain out all the water and cover the container tight. Leave in a warm area to allow the beans to sprout. In colder climate it might take several days (2-3) for sprouting to occur.
Eat them raw as a snack or use them in a salad. Steam in a pressure cooker with just 1/5 cup of water, till the first whistle. Remove from heat and place the pressure cooker under cold running water to release all the pressure and open the lid. If you leave it there they will get overcooked with the residual heat.
I usually combine these with chopped red onion, cucumber, green chillies, fresh corriander, salt and lime juice. Sometimes I also add tomato, grated carrots and boiled potato. This salad makes a wholesome lunch liked by kids and adults alike. 

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